The Canadian Dental Research Institute was constituted in 1990 by the Ministry of Consumers and Corporate Affairs by virtue of part II of the Law on Canadian corporations. In 1994 the CDRI received recognition from the Québec government as an accredited Public Research Centre.

The Corporation is a non-profit organization. Its bylaws specify that it will operate without monetary gain to its members and that all profits or gains will be utilized for the accomplishment of its scientific objectives. Moreover, in case of its dissolution, the benefits will be distributed to other similarly minded organisms.

The CDRI’s Mission


The fundamental aim of the Institute is to develop dental research in Canada. The strategies to attain such an objective are as follows:

  • Facilitate technological transfers in Dentistry.
  • Develop projects complementary and relating to these transfers.
  • Develop computer applications in Dentistry and Medicine.
  • Develop applications for dental implants (fundamental research, animal and clinical trials).

The affairs of the Institute are administered by a Board of Directors.


Educational institutions, corporations, government organisations or associations and individuals interested in promoting and bringing about the objectives of the Institute, can become regular members of the CDRI.