Digital Dentistry is improving the quality control of patient care.

How can new standards for an integrated Digital Dental Highway/Network be implemented?

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Dental Research Advancements

Think of dental implants and computer applications in Dentistry as technologies that are impacting the quality of dental services for patients.

How would you, as a patient or as a dentist, combine both of these technologies to advance the quality of dental care? We’d like to hear from you.


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  • Dental research is the motor of dental care advancements. Many factors are required in order to progress in this field. From basic sciences arise fundamental principles and technologies that allow clinical scientists to proceed with implementing diagnostic and treatment modalities that ultimately improve dental healthcare.
  • The Canadian Dental Research Institute, CDRI, is a vibrant and leading clinical research entity with collaborations worldwide. Its services draw from the Academic and Industry sectors in order to validate and/or innovate in the fields of dental bio-materials, computerized dental technologies and clinical dental procedures such as implants.

The CDRI is recognized by the Government of Québec as a Public Research Centre -University Entity eligible for R&D tax credits